in the fire…

it is the work of a lifetime (… or perhaps life times) to engage the difficulties and challenges of life in an equanimous way, that is to say, with a sense of balance, steadiness, and calm. we spend much of our time avoiding the fires in life, and if we find ourselves in them, we burn right with them.

but we have the capacity to step into the fire and not be burned or spread the flames. we have the capacity to relate to our world in a different way. it is possible, with practice and work, to engage this world with a sense of equanimity. not indifference or an action, but care and action that is rooted in balance, steadiness, resilience, clarity and calm. not being pulled into extreme emotions and reactivity, but moving from a place of sanity and open-heartedness, choosing how to act beneficially, transformatively, and with healing.

this is the bodhisattva path. the work and practice begins within ourselves and our own hearts and minds. how we relate to the world has an influence on others. this is the practice of meditation.



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