a revolutionary practice…

when we practice gentleness with ourselves, when we practice pausing, noticing our thinking habits, and opening our hearts, we are engaging in a revolutionary act. 

this is a way of relating to ourselves more compassionately, which helps us to relate to others more compassionately. engaging ourselves, others, and this world in a compassionate way is revolutionary. we are no longer satisfied with our regular patterns of distraction and discord, of relating to the world by sticking our head in the sand, or through self-preservation, which is to say through greed and aggression.

we can practice relating to ourselves and the world in this way and this is what the world needs while facing the insanity, harm, and destruction we are seeing – people who are engaging the world in a sane, compassionate way.

join me this coming weekend for Self-Care Saturdays & Sundays at 10am PT, to practice some breathing, mindfulness awareness, and lovingkindness meditation. free or by donation. $10 suggested. link: https://linktr.ee/jaysenwaller



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