befriending ourselves, befriending the world…

the practice of befriending this world, of relating to others and to this world in a tender, open-hearted way, must include ourselves. we begin where we are in this moment.

we practice openness, by being open. we practice patience, by being patient. we practice tenderness, by being tender, we practice peace, by being peace. we practice love, by being love. our practice is embodiment.

for meditators, we prioritize this by having a consistent practice of sitting meditation – even 10 or 20 minutes. whatever the case may be, we set aside a bit of time to just sit, to just breathe, and allow spaciousness to arise without our usual grasping or pushing away, without our usual patterns of reaction, or storytelling. it is a practice we can return to over and over.

when we practice this way, we are practicing not just meditation, but how to live in this world in a beneficial way, how to live as sane, open-hearted human beings moment by moment.

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