may love prevail, may sanity prevail…

sending out lovingkindness to all life in all directions, and especially to the people of Ukraine who are embodying incredible courage and resilience in the face of such destructive aggression, and to the Russian protestors who even knowing the potential cost of their bravery, are standing up and speaking out against their government’s catastrophic actions. they are moved by love for family, for neighbor, for community, for humanity, for life.

may love prevail.

may this invasion, this war of provocation, of aggression and violence end. may the loss of life, the harm and suffering emotional and physical end. may the power held by dictators and authoritarian forces in all corners of the earth come to an end.

may sanity prevail.

may clarity, resilience, balance, open-heartedness, and fierce compassion arise in every heart and mind out of the ashes of harm and suffering, that we may aspire and commit to the needed work, to bring healing and a new day of light, love, and harmony for all life.

may it be so.



#lovingkindness #metta #love #OpenHeart #FierceCompassion #sanity #healing #bodhisattvas #path #practice #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga

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