some benefits of meditation…

learning to become friends with ourselves and relate to the world and others in a more open-hearted, calm and steady way is a beautiful and beneficial skill we can acquire through meditation practice. but this isn’t the only benefit a consistent meditation practice can bring. did you know it has numerous benefits for your own mental, emotional, and physical health as well?

a consistent meditation practice has been shown to reduce tension, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and stress related illnesses, improve sleep, and increase happiness. 

it’s a skill and practice we can learn that can benefit our relationship to others and to ourselves, a beneficial path we can travel in our daily lives, and a refuge to return to again and again.

if you’d like to learn the practices of Mindfulness Awareness and Lovingkindness, join me this coming weekend for either Self-Care Saturday or Sunday at 9am PT- or both. the sessions are offered for free or pay-what-you-can, with suggested donation of $10.

have a great week!



if you’d like to support my teaching and art sharing with a donation – thank you! you can do so through one time donation on Venmo or PayPal, or through regular giving on Patreon. there are 7 levels of support beginning at $3/month with various unique and beneficial rewards.

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