Happy 95th Birthday (Continuation Day) #ThichNhatHanh 🙏🏻

today is Vietnamese Zen master, poet, peace activist, and inspirational forebearer of Engaged Buddhism, Thich Nhat Hanh’s 95th birthday (or Continuation Day as is said in many Buddhist circles).

Thay (as his students call him) was my gateway into Buddhism and remains a guiding force on this path. i consider Thay my root teacher. though only having seen him once in person, his teachings, books, and art have had an undeniable inspirational effect on my life, practice, and art.

his gentleness, his clarity, his warmth and wisdom are hallmarks of embodying an open heart, compassion and wakefulness.
i feel confident in saying that my path as meditation practitioner, teacher, and contemplative artist or my wanting to be of benefit to the world simply would not be without his presence and influence on this lifetime. he and his art remain prominent in my heart and on my altar space.

may Thay continue to bring light and love into this world, benefitting a world in need of healing and peace.

#ThichNhatHanh #Thay #Zen #Buddhism #EngagedBuddhism #PlumVillage #love #compassion #OpenHeart #path #practice #JinpaLhaga

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