we too often legitimize physical health over mental health, not recognizing or aware that physical health affects mental health and mental health affects physical health. what we think of as two, are in fact one relationship, both legitimate and both in need of our awareness and care.

on #WorldMentalHealthDay we stand in solidarity and affirm all who struggle with mental health, to remove stigma, open communication, and encourage ourselves, family, and friends to seek help when needed.
we should remember that self-care is mental health and self-care looks like:-

rest- setting boundaries- saying “no”- going for a walk- exercise- drinking water- communing with nature- meditating- laughter- journaling- creating art- eating good food- asking for help- therapy- medication.

what other self-care can you think of to add to your list?

#MentalHealth #Semicolon #life #love #enso #calligraphy #EngagedBuddhism #Zen #art #JMWart #JinpaLhaga

*pictured: Semicolon Enso with short verse, “you are life, you are loved.”

**image available at JMWart (link in images and in bio) – a portion of any products sales with this art and design will be donated to organizations who serve and advocate for mental health awareness and those who struggle with mental health.

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