statement on Texas anti-choice legislation…

this isn’t an invitation for debate. i feel it necessary to share my thoughts and view. if you feel differently, so be it, i wish you well. 🙏🏻

the law recently passed in Texas and allowed to move forward by the US Supreme Court is abhorrent.

knowing the law is unconstitutional and unable to be enforced by the government, Texas has abdicated enforcement to the citizenry, pitting citizen against citizen, encouraging vigilantism and bounties. this is insidious, dark, dystopian ideology once again come to life. the result will be increased harm and suffering. i believe this is about power, fearmongering, and subjugation. this isn’t about valuing life. if it were, then Texas wouldn’t be fighting so hard against mask wearing during a pandemic, or completely undoing gun regulations.

for far too long the debate has been falsely framed as “pro-life or pro-choice.” it should be framed as “anti-choice or pro-choice.” there are many of us who deeply value life to a degree far greater than some who claim to be “pro-life” yet we are are pro-choice. why? because we believe the government shouldn’t be empowered to legislate and control an individual’s body in this way.
if we believe the government should, then why just women? let’s be fair and require men who are co-creators in procreation to have vasectomies. when deemed by the government to be sufficiently mature and responsible enough to have and care for children, the vasectomy can be reversed. ridiculous? then we shouldn’t support it being done to women. be aware of hypocrisy and powers that yield it.

setting governmental authority aside, as individuals and as society, if we want to claim that we value life, then we need to take a deep and serious look at what that means. it cannot be just some lives and at certain times when we decide. we must include all life – the life of the immigrant and refugee, the life of the criminal on death row, the life of the poor, the sick, and yes even the life of animals. how can we say we value life and yet support factory farming or the consuming of animals when not necessary, or perpetuate war that isn’t necessary, or deny universal health-care, or promote capitalism to a degree that literally starves and kills other people?
my guess is to one degree or another we all fall short on this list. at the very least, all of us in the US are participating in the harmful aspects of capitalism, and many of us are receiving the benefits in resources, while many around the world suffer because of it.

if our goal is love and compassion. then we have an obligation to be love and to be compassionate. we should do the best we can to support systems, structures and institutions that promote a life that supports life, and then trust our fellow humans to do the best that they can in their lives with their choices. but we shouldn’t pursue or support a government that uses its power in the way that we are seeing in Texas. we have a responsibility to speak out and publicly admonish what we are witnessing and then work to end the harm.


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