#WhereAMask & #SocialDistance – #COVID19 is not the flu…

2018-2019 Flu Season in US:

35.5 million known cases

34,200 known deaths

2020 (so far) COVID-19 in US:

16.8 million known cases

304,000 known deaths (50,000 deaths in the last month)

these numbers do not reflect the long term health concerns for those who had even the slightest of symptoms or who are asymptotic.

i’ve known many people who have been affected by this illness, ranging from barely having symptoms, to seriously ill, and some losing loved ones.

this isn’t the flu.

there is hope on the horizon due to science.

i am in awe of health professionals, they give me hope.

there are still those that refuse to believe and refuse to adhere to masking and social distancing. how do we teach people to care? shaming and pleading have not worked. i don’t know what will.


#WearAMask #SocialDistance

#COVID19 #suffering #empathy #empathymatters

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