this open, tender heart…

while human beings have the capacity to do much harm, we also have the capacity to not ignore the harm, or run from the harm, or descend into the violence of the harm we see. we have the capacity to choose to keep our hearts open in the face of pain and suffering, and to do something about the harm we are bearing witness to.

this love stuff, this open and tender heart stuff isn’t mere sentimentality. this is hardcore stuff, in the trenches, hands getting dirty stuff.

it is when we leave our hearts open, allowing them to break over and over again, that we find our true super power, a capacity for love that is beyond the limits of our own initially small view. with our hearts broken open, we access the powers of empathy and compassion, bravery and strength.

with an open, tender heart, we can even still find much beauty, much joy and even a lightness and humor to life (enlightened people laugh!), all while doing the difficult work of love and healing in the face of harm and suffering.

don’t give in to cynicism, to hyperbole, to conspiracy. face the harm, face the suffering with your open, tender heart, and make a vow to transform it while still being open to beauty, to joy, to laughter. all of this is life and none is beyond love.


#OpenHeart #TenderHeart #empathy #compassion #suffering #humor #joy #healing #love #EngagedBuddhism #ChogyamTrungpaRinpoche #JinpaLhaga

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