our humanity is defined by our quality of heart…

our humanity is not defined by our accumulation and consumption, by the size of our 401k or our grasping to keep it impossibly secure at all costs including the welfare and lives of others.

our humanity is defined by the quality of our heart.

is it generous?

is it open and free?

is it empathetic?

is it warm and gentle?

is it kind and compassionate?

when we are consumed with avoiding discomfort and grasping at some sense of our own well-being and security, or lost in the dullness of our indifference, our lives shrink in disconnection. our potential is much greater than the smallness of that. we have the potential to wake up to our interdependence, our shared life, and recognize the connection that already exists, and to bring benefit to it rather than suffering.

may we choose the path of open-heartedness toward ourselves, our neighbors, our earth and all life.



#Vote2020 #OpenHeart #humanity #SitDownRiseUp #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga

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