waking up, ending harm…

i do not hate Donald Trump.

i do not oppose his ideology or philosophy because they are different from mine, or because i simply disagree with them.

i oppose both, because they have and continue to bring grave harm to the lives of others.

if i am awake to harm being done, do i actively choose to participate in it? do i ignore it, do i dismiss it? if i do, then i am still sleeping, while those who are being harmed live in a nightmare.

in Buddhism, the First Precept is to not kill, to not knowingly harm. if i am awake to harm, if i see or hear of harm, am i not participating in that harm in my silence, in my nonengagement, in my lack of action to end that harm?

we have a moral obligation to each other, to the harm and suffering we are bearing witness to.

we cannot sleep through this escalation in harm. we must wake up.



#SitDownRiseUp #Resist #RiseUp #SpeakUp #StandUp #FirstPrecept #LiveByVow #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga #DalaiLamaQuotes

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