i refuse to stop loving…

Hope is manifest through the work of people who refuse to stop loving.

I know things feel ominous and heavy at the moment, and for good reason. I feel it to. Our eyes and ears are not deceiving is. The gut check is real.

What is also true is that I refuse to stop loving. I refuse to not be a vehicle, a manifestation, an embodiment of love.

Those in power can do a lot, but they have no power over our love and our ability to love. That is our birthright and as long as we are breathing, as long as our hearts remain open, we can put our love into action and benefit this world with our love.

And we should be crystal clear. Love is not concerned with being “nice” or keeping the status quo. Love goes to where there is suffering. Love in action, in opposition to cruelty, harm, and injustice is manifest as fierce compassion.

May we embrace or ability to manifest our love as fierce compassion on behalf of all beings and life itself.









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