you are life…

you are life.

it’s easy to forget this with much news of illness and death – and illness and death are a part of life!

we see it both in our own seemingly personal stories and in the larger collective story of Us. which is often not too dissimilar to ours in terms of illness, loss, death (and don’t forget joy, laughter, and love!).

if we take time to simply sit with life – just sitting, breathing – allowing what see and hear without attachment to names, to stories, we give ourselves an opportunity to see life at a larger scale, and how we and all living things are Life.

it is both humbling, and awe inspiring to wake up to an awareness that we ARE life, the pig IS life, sparrow IS life, the shark IS life, the insect IS life, the tree IS life. who is to say who is more valuable? life flows through all and all strive to live.

if we take the time to really look deeply at our participation in life it also is both humbling and awe inspiring. what did you do to get here? if it weren’t for your parents coming together, you wouldn’t exist. if it weren’t for the care you’ve received early on and even now through opportunities given by others, where would you be? surely your life would be different. maybe better, maybe worse. working hard is important, but none of us do this alone.

going deeper – without the sun, the nutrients within the soil, the water in the oceans, the oxygen from the forests, without the earliest collisions of asteroids with the earth, we would not exist. it is this co-arising phenomena that has created the perfect balance for us to exist.

all at once we can feel humbled by our smallness, yet so filled with awe that we exist within and are inextricably a part of this thing – Life.


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