begin anew…

begin anew.

though the current pandemic has brought much worry, loss and suffering (physical health, mental health, economic health), it has also brought us the opportunity to both individually and collectively stop and reflect on our lives, our relationship to family, friends, work, and in broader terms industry, economy, healthcare, animal consumption, and the environment – more specifically climate change (or more accurately, climate destabilization).

the hard truth we are facing, the physical reality that exists no matter our wishes or spin, is that we are interconnected and our actions (both beneficial and harmful) have real world immediate and long term consequences. we should no longer live like we are in our own silo. we should no longer live like we can consume infinitely without cost to overall life, both human life in terms of poverty, hunger and eventual extinction, and also animal life in terms of hunger and extinction.

the desire to go backwards is understandable, but a return to familiar normalcy (as loaded as that word is) is likely over. the delusion is that we can return to the same or the way things were within a life that is always changing – transitioning – transforming.

life is always a movement forward. life is always renewal. we can not recreate what was, we must adapt and create what will be. creating what will be is a reset, a chance to begin anew, an opportunity to live in harmony – invoking balance, empathy, compassion, kindness, and generosity.

this is moment can be a call to wake up.

what does it look like to live in a world that truly cares for all life, that puts a priority on wellness and happiness, and economic balance without over consuming resources to the detriment of other life – human, animal, plant?

we are in a liminal space – a transitional space – where we have the opportunity to fully realize, recognize and appreciate that we are not alone, we are Life, and we can begin anew. there’s great comfort and hope in that.

may this opportunity not be lost.


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