called to heal…

17 years ago the soul of this country received a shocking wound. the sky faded dark under ash, confusion and fear. the rug pulled out from under us. and in such a horrific moment we rose. the best of people rose to the surface wading through tears and differences.

it was a shift and an opportunity to stay with the rawness, the tenderness we felt, the feelings that inspired and motivated a sense of connection and community.

but we have forgotten, as we often do, save for special anniversaries set aside to remember. each of those, a chance to start fresh yet again…only to forget again. “never forget, never again” is fine and well, but let’s really mean it and make it so through our own hearts, words and actions. that’s where the work is that needs to be done, that’s where the real change will begin.

there is more fear and anxiety today and it is stoked by those who would seek gain from this suffering, who lust for power, have abandoned truth, and consistently seek out and feed division.

though we must continue naming that which is harmful, untruth, and divisive, naming is simply not enough. we must also act.

we, each of us, needs to answer the call to heal. using our words, our actions, our very lives to bring benefit to a world thirsty for an end to such suffering. we need to be healers, to be bodhisattvas, shining a light on the alternatives to fear and anxiety, to anger and hate, to division, cynicism, conspiracy and demagoguery, aggression and violence.

this is a journey of heart and mind, beginning within us and then outward into the world. the journey calls upon our integrity, our courage, and our ability to keep an open heart. this is where it begins.

let’s get to work.



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