the path of anger…

it is said that anger can be a great motivator. i think this may be true, perhaps initially. when we see horrible suffering, unnecessary harm, or abusive power, it can ignite an anger inside to end the harm we see.

but anger is no place to make our home. it is intensely hot and blinding, burning up all in its wake, including ourselves and the ones we care about. anger fueled, refueled and unexamined can transform us into the very thing we believe we are fighting against, destroying relationships, isolating us, leaving us as shells of who we once were.

in the long run if we want to last and truly bring about a change to any cruelty we see, to relieve suffering and feed the love in this world, it is far more beneficial to source our motivation in compassion, to keep our heart open with equanimity and to practice kindness and joy even as we work to end cruelty and relieve the suffering we see.

in compassion – even a fierce compassion, we are able to retain our balance, see clearly, and maintain our energy for the long journey ahead.


#anger #ghost #suffering #harm #compassion #humanity #brahmaviharas #Zen #Buddhism #JMWart

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