letting go of joy…

…a note I wrote after listening to a talk by Pema Chodron.  life is full of ups and downs, good times and hard times. both of these are fleeting, arising and passing away as is all life.  non-suffering comes from our capacity to fully live each moment and then let go of that moment. 

it’s so easy to let go of the hard times – no need to talk us into that!  but even our good times can be filled with suffering if we are afraid to lose them.  wouldn’t it be better – more enjoyable, knowing that we will lose them, to just really – fully enjoy them while they are present?  then when it is time to say goodbye, we let go in gratitude for the joy we had in that moment.  


#impermanence #nonattachment #life #gratitude #suffering #PemaChodron 

One thought on “letting go of joy…

  1. This idea of present moment and all that it entails has been a challenging one for me. To marinate in the joy absent an approaching counter doom can overshadow the good for me.
    I’m going to get you a copy of a text written by a 13 century Beguine, Margurite of Porete. The text, A Mirror of Simple Souls takes the sojourner through 7 stages of letting go in order to exist in the nothingness of God. I epically fail at letting go of desire! Considering she is a “Christian” her text is profound, so much so she burned alive as a heretic in 1310.
    At any rate, you spot on post brought her to mind.

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