Nepal Earthquake, prayers…

prayers for Nepal for rescue, aid, relief, fresh water, generosity, healing and peace. 

more than 1400 lives lost. many many injured. many with whereabouts unknown, many possibly buried with nightfall, rain, cold and aftershocks complicating the situation. hold them in your heart and prayers and give as you are able. peace ~j

#Nepal #NepalEarthquake 

2 thoughts on “Nepal Earthquake, prayers…

  1. May all sentient being be free from suffering. (I’m saying this 1000 times today and spinning the prayer wheel in my head.) Do you have any information on specific sites accepting donations of money? Peace.

    1. Wonderful, kind and generous! 🙂
      Charity Navigator is a wonderful resource to investigate.
      I chose Global Giving. they are well regarded, working with local groups to affect relief and assistance fast with first responders, health and food aid and into the long term. they have set up a specific funding page for the Nepal earthquake. Here’s the address below and I posted a link in my most recent blog post 🙂 _/|\_ peace ~j

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