13 thoughts on “this uneasy space…

    1. thank you, Cynthie! this piece speaks evermore daily to me on what it means to live with Love and the practice of surrender and Being with it. so grateful for your constant support and Being with my words 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness how true and beautifully written!I have really been enjoying all of the writings,poems and thoughts of yours.So glad I finally entered this special place where you are sharing it with all of us lucky people!!

    1. oh, thank you thank you Angela!
      i still need get together my work and give it to you…will do in time. thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 lunch/dinner again soon! much love and peace, my friend ~ j

  2. I believe you are one of the only beings I know who consciously chooses to sit in that uneasy space…most of us run away, fearing what it might feel like…and you love deeper because of it…

    Bless you my dear friend…and thank you for sharing these words…

    1. it is good to hear from you, Mitch. thank you for your words…i still want to run a lot of the time and there are still times when i hesitate to sit, knowing what is there waiting to be loved, healed, befriended. but, i suppose i’ve just experienced enough times that there just isn’t any other option really. we have this life, we have this love and our only choice is whether we are willing to surrender and let go – trusting that we won’t in fact drown…or continue to struggle for a shore that doesn’t really exist. all is ocean, all is ocean.

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