the monk and the warlord…

dear ones ~

i recently read that gun sales were up triple in 2011 of what they were in 2010. what does this say?

who are we arming ourselves against?

what are we arming ourselves against?

i am reminded of one of my favorite Zen stories…it is as follows:

A village was warned that a vicious warlord and his soldiers were coming to destroy the town, so they all fled. All except one old monk, that is, who stayed meditating in the temple. When the warlord came in and saw him, he drew his sword, pointed it at his heart and said angrily, “Don’t you know I can run you through without batting an eye?!” The old monk looked up at him and calmly replied, “And don’t you know that I can be run through without batting an eye?” The warlord bowed before the presence of this old monk and left. Such courage, composure, and non-attachment can be ours.

namaste, dear friends.

peace to you as we wake up to this spacious and available place of nonviolence and no fear – as we wake up to who we are!

~ j

August 28, 2012

4 thoughts on “the monk and the warlord…

  1. Jaysen, this is a very poignant message and necessary discussion. James and I were just discussing this topic last night. It saddens (and honestly frightens) me that so many people live each day in a such a state of fear that they have convinced themselves the only answer is to “gun up”. That carrying a concealed (or not so concealed) weapon built to destroy and kill is the answer. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and poetic words of love and compassion. They are so enjoyable to read and are greatly appreciated. Keep it up! 🙂

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    1. thank you for your comment, Carolyn! i keep thinking, that living in such a state of fear and anxiety, would be exhausting. and i then become concerned for the little ones who grow up with this as an example of how to react to other people, to situations, and to life in general. to go through each day suspicious of the world around me with my finger poised on the trigger of a gun, seems unfathomable to me. i think it speaks to a disconnection. people who know who they are, who feel grounded in life, and connected to love have a much greater capacity of encountering life without fear or the need to protect whatever they are holding onto, which is often a false idea of not only them but of the world.

      science is proving more and more what Eastern religion and mysticism has taught for such a long time….we are interconnected, we are one. we arelated to the each other biologically, we are related to the Earth chemically and we are related to the Universe atomically. how can we take lightly the decision to end any of that with a weapon? whatever we destroy, a part of us goes with it. i actually think, people are beginning to understand this…and that is good news. peace and love to you and the family! namaste ~ j

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