letting go…

“Letting go does not mean not caring about things. It means caring about them in a flexible and wise way.”
~ Jack Kornfield

…far from indifference, letting go is about being spacious and at ease, even as we are actively engaged with Life. i think it speaks to a trust of Life and Love as something vast. something that is the very ground upon which we stand. a place where we don’t have to be defensive or reactive, rather we can be in a state of mind where we can choose the way we want to act…hopefully without harming or adding to the suffering of this world.

~ j

2 thoughts on “letting go…

  1. Last weekend I experienced the depth of my ego as I tried to argue, rather vocally at times, my own position on vegetarianism and animal consciousness. My inability to be an active listener to others placed me in a space of defense and frustration.
    A compassionate letting go diminishes the need to be right or reactive.

    Back to the meditation pillow.

  2. Amazing and true.. A friend once told me you couldn’t do without until you could do within.
    Thank you.

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