2 thoughts on “broken gift…

  1. Wow I like this a lot…love waiting for us to make it whole rather than the obverse…realizing we are whole beings where the only broken parts of us is the shell that once contained us… Fantastic

  2. @grosenberg, you are completely right, as of course are you jaysen. I missed this essential concept as I skimmed over the words. But, I am wondering about your concept of the body? For me, as a rag-tag, self-identifying Christian/Catholic, the body, or actually our bodies, are the site of God’s incarnation. I struggle with the duality of body and spirit where the body is somehow lessened to spirit. Complicated subject to be sure.

    And so love, worn and battered, is dependent on the person to embody and bring it to life. One breaths life into the other, both are required to bring them to fruition?

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