it is Now…

my friends ~

below is a poem that i wrote on January 20, 2009 after watching the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.
i, like many in the U.S. and throughout the world, am inspired and refreshed by this turning of time, of perspective and attitude. as Mr. Obama said in his address, it is up to all of us to sacrifice, to work, to serve. these goals, these values are inherent at the core of all religious traditions…
may we be born-again to the awareness of the present moment, the gift of our life, and the opportunity to play our part in healing this world through compassion, kindness, peace, and love.

be well ~

it is Now

in this sacred moment of Now
with all of its momentary and
eternal meaning

alive with past
with future
with presence

it is Now

with all of its pain and pleasure
with all of its sorrow and joy
with all of its grievance and reconciliation

it is Now

with all of its despair and hope
with all of its doubt and faith
with all of its tears and laughing song

it is Now

in this sacred moment of Now
that we choose
in every breath
in every heartbeat
in every swimming cell of our bodies

to live in service to Life
to live in worship for Love

no longer are we one – but One
no longer is it me – but We
a tapestry solid and free
a community of humanity

it is Now

that we choose
to paint the skies with Love
to unfold the Wings of Hope
to walk these Words of Peace

it is Now

with all of who we are and surrender to be
that we choose to Love – to Love – to Love!

it is Now

in the sleeping face of cynicism
that we smile
our eyes awake with hope
with Love – with Love – with Love!

although some may
close their windows
draw their drapes
lock the doors to their hearts

we will Love – we will Love – we will Love!

we will see Love
lift us from our faltering foundations
we will see Love
carry us over the steepest of mountains
the most troubled of waters
the most barren of deserts

to the Promised Land
to the Highest Heaven
to the Sacredness of Now…

by Jaysen Matthew Waller

© Copyright 2009, Jaysen Matthew Waller

2 thoughts on “it is Now…

  1. Ah, my sweet friend… how good it feels to hear your voice again! Thank you so much for this poem tonight… my heart was needing to hear the chant we will Love- we will Love!- we will Love!

    I learn much about love from observing you on your path, Jaysen, and hold our friendship in the sweetest niche of my heart.


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