i see me…


how can i live
in this pain anymore?

my days
have been long filled
with hurt
with feelings of betrayal

and then
with a nudging from Life
our eyes met

looking deeply at you
truly, mindfully
seeing you
how can i be angry?

looking in your eyes i see
a child frightened, broken
desperately searching, seeking
longing to be understood

longing to know Love

i understand

looking in your eyes
i see me

2 thoughts on “i see me…

  1. What a divine gift, tucked secretly into nature, that we are designed to be mirrors to each other. As painful as it can be.

    Eyes are, indeed, windows to the soul, and when we are brave enough to look deeply… there is nothing to do but heal…

    peace, my dear friend.

  2. I love the first line…..How can I live in this pain any more? When I look at myself in the mirror…… I see an infinite image of me. I see a reflection of myself within my eyes. I look closely and see the worry lines….the sadness…..the tears…….I tell myself this feeling will pass. Slowly I turn away. I am afraid to look back. Instead I tell myself look forward to a better day.

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