two who share one heart…

how can i, my love
define this friendship?

how can words
no matter their arrangement,
in all their
beauty, their splendor
their juiciness

how can any word
bring witness or testify
to the truth
you and me?

let us
throw away all words, friend
my love

for all fall short of
two who share
one heart

3 thoughts on “two who share one heart…

  1. Jaysen~

    I really admire the bravery you show in your writing. You have a definite poetic gift, and like all gifts can be a great source of healing and connection… connection to your truest self as well a to all of us fortunate enough to come upon them.

    Thanks you for your raw, my soul brother.

  2. friend,

    as you were writing these words (or posting them), I was uttering a less eloquent form of them in the desert…I had an experience with two friends which made me feel that I had been waiting all of this time to not say anything to them, it felt great, in the moment i was frustrated that i had ever been taught words because I saw how they limit my communication and thinking, words make it so i believe i must compartmentalize my feelings…

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