the song in my heart…

dear one…

how can you be
any closer to me
than you are?

every cloud
bears the beauty
of your image
every star
your smile

every flower
blooms with the scent
of your grace and
the presence of
your peace

your breath is
my breath

your heartbeat
my heartbeat

and your thoughts
take flight in my dreams

the road
i travel is marked by
your footsteps
and these two hands
reach with yours

and dear one…

while the jealous Sun
burns with passion
for your love
and attention

you should know that
it is you who are
the song in my heart

the dance…

the dance…

who knew i was so popular
on the dance floor?

one by one
they take my hands and
move my feet

the music always

these friends
well, acquaintances really with
their many names

one after another
they come

there seems
no criteria for choosing
the equal opportunity dance partner
that i am

greed and chaos have
their turn
and then there’s charity and

a two step with fear and
a waltz with worry

some joy and hope find
their way to the floor
true happiness always waiting
for me, patient as she is

my Beloved watching, waiting
not one to cut in
nope, not a rude bone there
this one’s a classy dancer

then anger with
his friends, resentment and
bitterness (the blind dancers that they are)
having their turn

loneliness comes along with
her slow song
she’s a subtle softy it seems, until
she lays one on me

the scent of depression

no one wants to
dance with me and
why would they?

i take a dose of
ego mouthwash (you know the kind)
it lasts a little while then
it fades all too quickly

left standing alone thinking
about leaving this dance

the music still
(well, i did say “always” didn’t i?)

but there standing
next to me waiting as
is my Beloved
hand extended, feet ready

no one leads better, you know?
(yeah, you do…dig deep in that heart memory)
such rhythm, such grace

i am carried away whisked
up like a fairy tale i rise
i rise, on love thick air
i rise

swirling and twirling a
cascade of tears, joyous and
sweet sweat showering down on
all these toe tappin’, party poppin’
line dancin’, disco fools

with our Love

a spinning top, i am
a Whirling Dervish, you see
that Rumi had it right and
Shams before him

with our Love
true happiness no
longer waits to
keep my dance card full

so i ask…
how can you possibly
sit out?

step away from the
punch bowl, friend and
bring forth your
two left feet

‘cuz this life ain’t for