our path is to contribute to the work of love, in smalls ways and large, planting seeds for the long arc.  we can take heart in our work, knowing that even as we face what seems an overwhelming darkness at times, even the tiniest of light brings hope.  after winter there is spring, after night there is the dawn.


let the mind stay…

The world is swirling around, a sound over here, a sight over there.
Confusion is an easy companion of distraction.
Where is balance and harmony, when the mind wants to run?
Let the mind stay…


Song of Paldarbom
by Shepa Dorje, the yogi Mila Milarepa

I can contemplate the sky,
But clouds make me uneasy.
Milarepa, tell me how
To meditate on clouds.

“If the sky’s as easy as you say,
Clouds are just the sky’s play.
Let your mind stay
Within the sky.”

I can contemplate the sea,
But waves make me uneasy.
Milarepa, tell me how
To meditate on waves.

“If the sea’s as easy as you say,
Waves are just the sea’s play.
Let your mind stay
Within the sea.”

I can contemplate my mind,
But thoughts make me uneasy.
Milarepa, tell me how
To meditate on thoughts.

“If your mind’s as easy as you say,
Thoughts are just the mind’s play.
Let your mind stay
Within your mind.”



your light gives life, just shine…

We cannot force awakening in others.
We can only practice to awaken ourselves and in our practice make ourselves available to benefit others though the benefits of our practice.
In this way, we are planting seeds of loving kindness, compassion, open heartedness, and wisdom. Then when the right conditions arise, these seeds are nourished and grow manifesting awakening in others as well.
Just shine your light. And your light, like the sun, will give life.
Wishing everyone all that is beneficial and all that brings happiness on this Tibetan New Year, Losar.
Tashi Delek!


an open heart…

our practice is a practice of compassion, of opening the is a practice of allowance, allowing our heart to break open and reveal the vulnerability and tenderness that is our power and strength.

it is a practice of being with life through laughter and tears alike.

a worthy experiment…

most of us live from one reaction to another reaction, ping ponging through life. what would happen if we simply just stop, if we allow ourselves the space to be still, if we just sit and breathe?  we may just find that it is a worthy experiment.

*phrase in artwork inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh.

you are already enough, just sit…

“The essence of Buddhist practice is not so much an effort at changing your thoughts or your behavior so that you can become a better person, but in realizing that no matter what you might think about the circumstances that define your life, you’re already good, whole, and complete. It’s about recognizing the inherent potential of your mind. 
In other words, Buddhism is not so much concerned with getting well as with recognizing that you are, right here, right now, as whole, as good, as essentially well as you could ever hope to be.”

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche



how we speak and how we act begins in the heart and mind.  Thich Nhat Hanh speaks of watering the seeds of kindness and nonharming within our heart and mind. meditation is watering those seeds.

there is Native American story of feeding the wolves. we have within us the bad wolf filled with arrogance, envy, anger, greed, false pride, bitterness. and we also have the good wolf filled with empathy, kindness, compassion, generosity, joy, peace, and love. they are battling. which one will win? the one you feed.

meditation is feeding the good wolf.