an opportunity for an ethical economy, an economy of life…

This moment has revealed economic uncertainty and lack of healthcare for the vulnerable and revealed that many of us are more vulnerable than thought.

The virus doesn’t have a political agenda. The virus is just being a virus, not evil not good, rather it is a living organism looking to propagate and survive. Yet, its very presence has brought out our vulnerability biologically and has revealed our vulnerability at the whims of greed and excess.

Just yesterday an advisor to the President stated, “Our human capital stock is ready to go back to work.” Human capital stock? COVID-19 isn’t over. It is still considered uncontained in many states where businesses are reopening, including states like Florida who have numbers on the rise and where very large businesses with high visitor volume plan to reopen within the week. What are we thinking?

Yes, people need help, small businesses need help, and perhaps some large businesses need help. We should be pressuring the Federal Government to fulfill that role in conjunction with States while people stay home, rather than rushing businesses open and pushing a vulnerable population to make the hard choice to risk theirs and others’ health or to put food on the table, or pay rent and mortgages. Other countries with smaller economies have done far more for their citizens and businesses. Health and safety should be the priority in reopening, not financial hardship. People and businesses shouldn’t have to make that choice during a pandemic.

This moment has brought more to us than fear and an opportunity to capitalize on it and our greed, however. It has also brought an opportunity to see our economy differently, to prioritize our economy differently.

Money can be/should be used as a beneficial tool in preserving, healing, and benefitting life. This is what a healthy, moral, and ethical economy should reflect. Money should not be prioritized over life for profit. That’s an economy of death.


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Memorial Day reflection…

Memorial Day is a reminder and an opportunity to reflect on those who have paid the ultimate price in combat for the United States. It is a day to honor their sacrifice and the cost they and their families have borne the cost of the violence and aggression of war.

Total combat deaths for the United States from 1775-2019 for all wars and conflicts is upwards of 666,440 lives. That’s just US soldiers direct combat related and doesn’t count all lives lost to war.

Many of these wars and conflicts were a necessity in their time, to preserve freedom, to secure safety for a county and a world in need. Too many of these wars and conflicts were unnecessary.

When will be wake up? When will love and awareness of our interdependence overcome fear and greed? When will we not need the lives of others to be volunteered, drafted, paid, sacrificed for peace?

With gratitude and debt for the lives lost, may we strive to find better ways to resolve our conflicts, than the lives of those bravely willing to sacrifice.


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“They were us”…

“They were not simply names on a list. They were us.”

Sunday, May 24th 2020

The New York Times

stated so perfectly – “They were us.”

nearing 100,000 lives gone in just a few months. the number will be higher.

may their families and loved ones have peace.

may our hearts break and open, and may love, empathy, compassion, generosity and selflessness pour out 🙏🏻


radiate nonaggression…

without abandoning facts and truth or our efforts to protect our loved ones, friends and community, with empathy and compassion for all who are suffering, even as tensions rise and aggression escalates, may we move forward with open hearts radiating nonaggression, compassion, kindness, generosity and light from a place of awareness, empathy, dignity, integrity and warmth.


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why wait?

we don’t have to wait for life to be perfect, to have joy.

we don’t have to wait for life to be just right, to love.

why wait?

the miracle, the grace may just be that we can love and have joy even in the midst of ours and the world’s pain. we don’t have to live only in our pain, in suffering.

an open heart, our open hearts, have the capacity to be with all of what life is – the pain, the joy, the loss, the love. to be present with all of what life brings, is to be alive, is to be awake.


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begin anew…

begin anew.

though the current pandemic has brought much worry, loss and suffering (physical health, mental health, economic health), it has also brought us the opportunity to both individually and collectively stop and reflect on our lives, our relationship to family, friends, work, and in broader terms industry, economy, healthcare, animal consumption, and the environment – more specifically climate change (or more accurately, climate destabilization).

the hard truth we are facing, the physical reality that exists no matter our wishes or spin, is that we are interconnected and our actions (both beneficial and harmful) have real world immediate and long term consequences. we should no longer live like we are in our own silo. we should no longer live like we can consume infinitely without cost to overall life, both human life in terms of poverty, hunger and eventual extinction, and also animal life in terms of hunger and extinction.

the desire to go backwards is understandable, but a return to familiar normalcy (as loaded as that word is) is likely over. the delusion is that we can return to the same or the way things were within a life that is always changing – transitioning – transforming.

life is always a movement forward. life is always renewal. we can not recreate what was, we must adapt and create what will be. creating what will be is a reset, a chance to begin anew, an opportunity to live in harmony – invoking balance, empathy, compassion, kindness, and generosity.

this is moment can be a call to wake up.

what does it look like to live in a world that truly cares for all life, that puts a priority on wellness and happiness, and economic balance without over consuming resources to the detriment of other life – human, animal, plant?

we are in a liminal space – a transitional space – where we have the opportunity to fully realize, recognize and appreciate that we are not alone, we are Life, and we can begin anew. there’s great comfort and hope in that.

may this opportunity not be lost.


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you are life…

you are life.

it’s easy to forget this with much news of illness and death – and illness and death are a part of life!

we see it both in our own seemingly personal stories and in the larger collective story of Us. which is often not too dissimilar to ours in terms of illness, loss, death (and don’t forget joy, laughter, and love!).

if we take time to simply sit with life – just sitting, breathing – allowing what see and hear without attachment to names, to stories, we give ourselves an opportunity to see life at a larger scale, and how we and all living things are Life.

it is both humbling, and awe inspiring to wake up to an awareness that we ARE life, the pig IS life, sparrow IS life, the shark IS life, the insect IS life, the tree IS life. who is to say who is more valuable? life flows through all and all strive to live.

if we take the time to really look deeply at our participation in life it also is both humbling and awe inspiring. what did you do to get here? if it weren’t for your parents coming together, you wouldn’t exist. if it weren’t for the care you’ve received early on and even now through opportunities given by others, where would you be? surely your life would be different. maybe better, maybe worse. working hard is important, but none of us do this alone.

going deeper – without the sun, the nutrients within the soil, the water in the oceans, the oxygen from the forests, without the earliest collisions of asteroids with the earth, we would not exist. it is this co-arising phenomena that has created the perfect balance for us to exist.

all at once we can feel humbled by our smallness, yet so filled with awe that we exist within and are inextricably a part of this thing – Life.


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you are not alone…

you are not alone.

there is a world community sharing this pandemic experience. we truly are interdependent and interconnected.

we have the opportunity to practice empathy and compassion for each other and all life.


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