love and letting go…

cycles of aggression and violence repeat.

we must break the pattern and we start by beginning with ourselves.we must not be indifferent to the suffering around us, instead we must engage with love.

remembering our time is short and not knowing if we will wake up tomorrow, we should let go of all ill will. making amends where we can and forgiving the rest.

releasing our grasp, surrendering our desire to control outcomes.we can set an intention to do our best and to begin again, in the very next moment, in the very next breath.

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coming home to ourself…

sitting. breathing. in this moment, i come home to myself. body and mind in union, with all life.

take a moment today to love yourself, to simply sit and breathe, to feel the earth beneath you, rooted and held. to feel your lungs fill with air, receptive and open. to feel the air exhale, with freedom and release.

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Haitians and Afghans in need…

pain and sufferingsitting with a heavy hearti offer my love.

as we look around us, as we listen to the news, the burden of this moment is heavy.
Haitians suffering from a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on August 14th. nearly 1500 lives lost and 6,000 injured with an impending tropical storm. these dear people can’t catch a break.
panicked and desperate Afghans trying to exit as Taliban takes over complete control. the images at the airport are harrowing. we have failed them in our exit. so many who have fought side by side with our military, as interpreters, as informants. women will suffer the most, many who had hope, who were receiving or received education and prominence in professional fields and politics, burning their degrees, their documents, leaving no trace.
if these events break your heart open and engage your empathy – good. allow it. allow your heart to feel, to love. let that love move into compassionate action.

for Haiti, i suggest Doctors Without Borders do not donate to Red Cross, they were criticized for not forwarding donated funds during the previous earthquake).

to assist in getting our Afghan allies out who assisted during the war and who are in danger of being locked away or killed, i suggest supporting the organization, No One Left Behind
please list any other beneficial organizations in the comments.
lastly, please practice self-care for yourself and others. i’ve been doing Metta (Lovingkindness) Practice tonight. i’ve included a longer version that i have written in the second photo.

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the only question…

with an open heart and an authentic engaged path and practice, with radical empathy and fierce compassion, leaving no one out.

may it be so!



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always available…

it’s so simple, feels almost too simple really. to just sit and breathe. to do so without goal. to come back to something so natural, sitting and breathing. in our habits and patterns of being busy, of getting lost in or avoiding, we can forget to just allow stillness, to allow the opportunity for relaxation and natural ease and calm.

it is also something that we can have some joy in doing. it doesn’t have to be some epic journey to enlightenment. the simple pleasure of just sitting and breathing, of feeling our body rooted and held by the earth, feeling the calming coolness of air coming into our bodies, the release and freedom of air leaving. this can be quite enjoyable and peaceful.

there’s no reason we shouldn’t have this joy, this peace, this simple pleasure, which is always available. and with practice we can even tap into, settle into this feeling in all kinds of environments. it can be our anchor as Thich Nhat Hanh shares in this quote.


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whew. we can use a big reminder to practice empathy right now.

empathy seems to be what we are lacking most regarding many areas of life whether it be the pandemic, immigration, poverty, healthcare, and more particularly in the last day or so regarding Simone Biles – our veneration of celebrity and athletes.

we have this perverse habit of becoming awed by people in their excellence, lifting them up, nearly worshipping them, only to tear them apart when reality sets in – they are not the gods we have created them to be. they are what they have always been – human.

we have a responsibility to allow people to be human, to be authentic, to be vulnerable, even fragile. their humanity, their welfare, and their wellbeing should be more important than our idea of who they should be, who we want them to be, or the dollar signs that accompany their name or image.

may hearts open.


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life as guru…

There is only one teacher.

What is that teacher?

Life itself.

~ Charlotte Joko Beck

there’s a teaching in Buddhism that we can approach life in a way that everything is workable. we can engage our life in a way that whatever we are experiencing can be worked with as a way to go deeper, to learn, to let go, to wake up.

what we are experiencing can actually be the fertilizer for our growth, for our steadying of mind and our opening of heart. others like Ram Dass and Richard Rohr have called this “grist for the mill.”

what life gives us can be used for our benefit and the benefit of others. life itself gives us the material to wake up to our life.


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simplicity is key…

simplicity is key.

in our discomfort, we often overfill our plates. the more we have or the busier we are, can seem to be better.

however, these can be distractions from actually engaging with our lives in a way that is authentic, revealing, clarifying, and that transforms pain and allows for healing.

the superfluous additions to our material possessions and an overbooked calendar can add unnecessary complications and chaos to our lives which can bring more suffering. the imbalance brings stress, exhaustion, less connection – more suffering.

simplicity allows for life.

it is refreshing and allows for natural cycles and patterns to be seen. it allows wisdom to reveal herself. it assists in calming and steadying our minds, and opening our hearts.

we’ve heard it said, “less is more“ right?

i’ll gladly take more of less!



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Happy Birthday Pema Chodron!

Happy 85th Birthday to Pema Chödrön!

her down to earth, no nonsense, humorous writing has had a significant imprint on my practice and life. as has been the case for many people across a diverse audience, not just Buddhists.

i often share her quotes in my posts. The Wisdom Of No Mistake is a great book for people just coming to a meditation practice.

ironically it wasn’t one of the first books of hers that i read, but it has become a mainstay that i return to often.

may her practice and teaching continue to bring benefit for many years to come!


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circle of compassion…

No one lives outside the walls of this sacred place, existence.

~ Saint Francis of Assisi

who stands outside of our circle of compassion? can we imagine a circle of compassion where no one stands outside it it?


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