challenge the culture of violence…

we must embody, what those lost down the rabbit hole of aggression and violence seem incapable of at this time, a path of nonviolence.

there must be those who are willing to shine bright, even when the darkness seems to be encroaching further and apace, for there to be a future for humanity, for there to be a future that is even recognizable as the incarnation of love that we truly are at our core, awake and free.

connect to a practice that grounds you in the stability and strength of the earth, yet lifts you into the clarity and vastness of the deep blue sky. you are both, both are in you. keep your heart open.


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we must stand for truth no matter the cost…

i originally wrote the statement and posted the art below 4 years ago on January 11th 2017, just prior to Donald Trump taking office as President, expressing serious concern along with many others regarding the path we were on and where it may lead. what happened on January 6th 2021 although horrifying and of grave concern, was also not altogether surprising. this is where we have been headed, despite the many warnings by so many of us.

we must stand for and shine the light of truth no matter the cost. the alternative is far worse.



Speak no “post-truth”…

The spreading and celebration of incoherency, where all facts and truths are subjective and subject to what serves one’s own agenda from which only oneself and one’s insider family and friends benefit, is a degradation of the morals and ethics upon which the foundation of civilized society is built. This incoherency, rather than mutual understanding and acknowledgement based on facts, spreads unease and fear. A society living with unease and fear is in danger of losing itself in what can be a self-fulfilling abyss of distrust and paranoia. This distrust and paranoia can lead to an increase in greed, aggression, violence, and despair.

Though there may be no real thing such as “post-fact” or “post-truth,” the consequences from practicing such charlatanism can be real and harmful, as we are already witnessing.

Does this sound an alarm?


Then be an unwavering, inexhaustible advocate for truth. Stand and speak up for what is based on fact and not self-serving vagary, beginning with your own speech, writing, and actions. Hope is born on the words and actions of those who stand on the side of what is authentic and true, who call upon the better quality of all people to answer that call, by example. We need these examples, these bodhisattvas, we need to be the embodiment of the hope we seek and a reflection of what is authentic and true.

A “post-fact” and “post-truth” world is a world spinning out of control with no ground beneath it. The world may continue, but we may not. And if we do, we may no longer recognize who we are or what we have become, having only a fuzzy memory of what it meant to be human. A memory the “post-fact” and “post-truth” gatekeepers will slander, as they label it a myth.

But many of us, I hope most of us, will know better and will continue to shed a light of what is factual and true.

Stay awake. Stay aware. Bear witness. Speak truth.



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There must be accountability.

There must be accountability.

If there is to be unity, there must be accountability.

For unity to be an embodiment of peace, there must be justice and justice demands accountability.

I want unity, I want peace, I want healing for our country.

Collective healing of collective harm, demands accountability.


#25thAmendment #ImpeachTrumpNow


know true value…

The wise man knows it is better to sit on the banks of a remote mountain stream than to be emperor of the whole world.



know true value.

may we not crave after or pathetically and dangerously grasp after power as some have been and are currently doing.


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bodhisattvas bring hope 🙏🏻

sharing some more of the incredible and needed social justice art of Rick Frausto 🙏🏻

yesterday, January 6th, we saw democracy attacked by a mob of insurrectionists provoked by a sitting albeit outgoing President and an enabling GOP. however, we also saw democracy work and win with Congressional certification of Pres-elect Joe Biden’s and Vice Pres-elect Kamala Harris’ 306 Electoral College votes. we also saw democracy work and win on November 3rd and again impressively again on January 5th. this doesn’t just happen, it happens through an engaged citizenry, good-strong candidates like Rev. Raphael Warnok and Jon Osoff, and incredibly hard beneficial work from bodhisattvas like Stacey Abrams. let’s not lose sight of how absolutely amazing the success of Georgia is. Stacey Abrams is a hero with a view of the long arc, good-heartedness, and strategic mind needed for beneficial transformation of our political landscape. Rev. Warnok was John Lewis’ minister and Jon Osoff was John Lewis’ intern. it doesn’t escape me that a bodhisattva saint like John Lewis may have been working from beyond to assist. at the very least, his spirit lives in these fine people.

as hard and treacherous as the path ahead may be, as difficult and challenging as the work ahead of us may be to transform and heal this country into the country we have said it is, have hoped it would be, and should be, having good people like these as leaders and all the grassroots organizers and workers on the ground, brings hope 🌍❤️🙏🏻


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last refuge of the incompetent…response to surge on Capital building.

…and the calls for and the rhetoric of violence from the highest office are also signs of incompetence.

it’s a little late for the President and some GOP Congress members to call for peace after the antagonizing and encouragement of division supported with lies.

was there any question that this would be an outcome?

the images coming out of the Capital building are stunning, shocking. today should have been, as it has been before, a simple yet profound procedural day that embodies our tradition of a peaceful transition and transfer of power.

may peace prevail, may the process of transition continue. may all be safe and free from violence. 🙏🏻

the world is watching.


bodhisattva path…

For as long as space endures

And for as long as living beings remain

Until then may I, too, abide

To dispel the misery of the world.



from “Guide to a Bodhisattva’s Way of Life”

this can be our path. a path that recognizes our interdependence, a path of open-heartedness, of compassion and love.


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zen seeing…

this is your life

here and now

this is our life

here and now

this is life

here and now

our presence is needed

pay attention



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gentleness is the way…

the foundation of the practice as practitioners, students, teachers, is to be gentle. this approach of friendliness toward ourselves and our practice may be contrary to how we are used to relating to ourselves and our world, which can often be quite aggressive.

over time, this seemingly simple approach has a profound influence in our lives off the cushion as well.

are we tired of beating ourselves and others up?

give some gentleness a shot ❤️🙏🏻


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