RIP Tina Turner 🙏🏻



rest in peace Tina Turner.

without a doubt a one of a kind, trailblazing artist who has inspired generations. many will speak to her art and music career, along with her fierce courage. i too have been a fan since i could say her name, but in this moment i want to share about her spiritual practice and journey, because it has resonated so much with me.

although raised Baptist, in 1973 Tina was introduced to Nichiren Buddhism and its primary chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo (Japanese name for the Lotus Sutra) and converted to Buddhism. she has shared about her practice in her writing, interviews, and in both the film “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and the documentary “I, Tina”. she has shared how meditation and chanting have buoyed her and given her strength, courage, and grace through the ending of her relationship with Ike Turner and through her various illnesses, and how it has also inspired her to inspire and help others. 

and although she considered herself Buddhist, she was also able to navigate the rare place of holding her Baptist upbringing with love and inclusiveness rather than rejection and negativity. sometimes referring to herself as “Buddhist-Baptist”. this has resonated with my own personal path and in the last couple decades drew me even more to her. in 2009 she released an album titled “Beyond” filled with both Buddhist and Christian prayers through chant and song. the album was a collaboration with the Swiss-Tibetan Buddhist singer Dechen Shak-Dagsay and Swiss Christian singer Regula Curti. it’s an album i’ve listened to with regularity for encouragement and inspiration since its release.

thank you, Ms. Turner, for so much. and may you be welcomed and held in the Great and Luminous Love, Beyond.



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