the path of fear brings suffering…


it is fear that underlies the gun violence we see & obsession with accumulating weapons, the anti-Semitism, the hate towards the LGBTQ+ & especially trans community, the racism, the oppressive politics & aggressive policing, the banning of drag shows & of books, the eroding of educational institutions, & revising/erasing of history by those on the far right. it is fear that paves the path to theocracy & authoritarianism, the path to hate. 

it is fear that betrays our original nature & who we are in the deepest sense. 

this leads to suffering.

fear is a poison & too narrow a path for life to flower. it leads to death. death of a moment, death of ideas & dreams, death of opportunity, death to growth, death to relationship, death to hope. this is why those who wish to manipulate, control, & oppress,  spread fear in their rhetoric & policies both as an overall message & more specifically toward groups as the blame.

this isn’t freedom, no matter how often or how passionately some will chant that it is.

fear freezes us = death

love frees us into movement, into flow, into relationship = life.

only love brings freedom & love is the antidote to the poison of fear. love celebrates the beauty in diversity,  promotes life, health, & well-being for all. love is life finding & lighting a way through the darkness, no matter the obstacle.

i do believe in the end love prevails. love IS the ultimate reality, the absolute truth, the unborn, luminous wisdom that has no beginning or end, the ground of being, which pervades & gives life to all things.

fear is a perversion of this, born from ignorance. it isn’t the truth. it is a lie. we have the immense opportunity & responsibility to bring it into the light by calling it out for what it is.

may hearts open, may sanity arise, & may we find our refuge, our courage, our path, our practice, in Love.



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