the challenge (one of many) of our time…

this is what happens every time i even suggest there should be space for dialogue around 2A and AR-15s along with weapons like it, and express frustration at our willingness to let children and whole crowds of people to continue to be massacred…and these are the tame replies. 

overwhelming, people consistently suggest such weapons are needed for defense against our own government, or say they don’t need a reason it is simply their god given right. as if… 

i’m not intimidated by such replies, not in the face of children being ripped apart, but there is a minority population who see 2A in a very unlimited no holds barred way, no matter the cost. this is a minority view that is perfectly ok with crowds of innocent people being slaughtered by such weapons, under the view that one day such weapons may be needed to keep innocent people from being slaughtered. wrap your head around that.

how do we move forward with such a view or do we move forward despite of such a view?

and how do we stay the course with hope still afire in our hearts in the face of such challenge, such violence, such horror and destruction?

this is the practice of our time.

may hearts open, may sanity prevail.


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