we have a choice in the reality we create…

shot for ringing a doorbell.

shot for pulling into the wrong driveway.

shot for approaching the wrong car in a parking lot.

shot for chasing a ball into a neighbor’s yard.

we have a choice in the reality we create. 

we, in the US, are creating a culture of death, with a foundation built on fear where the only answer to that fear is violence. this is a delusional path.

a self-fulfilling hell of our own making.

be mindful! discern! 

we who have been given this gift of life – how is this fear and violence, loving our neighbor?

how does this fear and violence, honor life? 

there is an Indian Proverb ~ “All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”

what seeds are we, each of us, planting today? seeds of fear and violence? or seeds of love, kindness, faith in goodness, tenderness, and nonaggression?

may hearts open, may sanity and wisdom arise.



#GunViolence #GunReform #PlantingSeeds #Nonaggression #Nonviolence #Love #OpenHeart #SitDownRiseUp #PlantingSeeds #Path #Practice #EngagedBuddhsim #JinpaLhaga

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