prayers for Ralph Yarl 🙏🏻

lifting this young man, Ralph Yarl, up in lovingkindness meditation and prayers for healing. may he be safe, may he be healed and well, may he be happy in his life, and may he be at ease and free from suffering. even so, he will carry this his whole life. horrible and unfair.

racism is a scourge, based in unreasonable fear, embodied in aggression and hate, blinding the holder of such delusional views from seeing the sacred, divine life in front of them – what was there to fear of this young man ringing a doorbell? can a young Black man not ring a doorbell?

racism always results in harm and destruction. there was nothing to defend here, no ground to stand on. it was the unreasonable fear, the racism of the 85 year old white man born out through a gun. no justification. now, may the consequences of such actions be born out for him as well and may his heart have a conversion from racism to love.

may hearts open, may sanity arise.



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