the future of the world begins in our own hearts…


there is a shortage of empathy, of compassion, warmth, and tenderness in this country for some. yet no shortage of fear, aggression, and willingness to engage in violence.

what a betrayal of this precious, interdependent life! what a grieving of the heart!

we each have the responsibility to look deep within our own heart, to face our own demons and grow up. 

we can choose fear, violence, and weapons of mass violence and carnage, or we can choose love. we need to choose love. survival depends on it. the myth is that our species has evolved only through force and dominance. and surely there is no shortage of that. history is bloody and filled with delusion. however, that’s not the whole story, it isn’t the entire truth – we have survived and thrived through cooperation, through sacrifice, through creativity and collaboration, through caring for the group not just the individual. empathy. altruism. compassion. embodied love.

may hearts open, may we embody love, may sanity arise.



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