words fall easy off our lips. we say love love love all the time, but are we willing to LIVE love? to embody love through our every word and action, in how we say hello and goodbye, in how we eat, drive, work, and play? and when we fall short, are we willing to love ourselves enough to forgive, let go, and begin again? forgiving is an act of love. releasing our grasp is an act of love. beginning again is an act of love. love is relational. are we relating to others and the world in a loving way?

how we live is our message. what message are we sending? may we love this life enough to examine how we live love.



#Love #EmbodiedLove #Embodiment #RightSpeech #RightAction #Life #OpenHeart #Path #Practice #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga #ThichNhatHanh #ThichNhatHanhQuotes

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