call IT what you will, but show me how you live and love…


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” ~ William Shakespeare

call IT what you will, all names fall short. call it God, call it Dao, call it Ultimate Reality, the Universe, Buddhanature, the Ground of Being, The Beloved, even call it the Force, if you want. i call it Love. it is beyond all of this, yet within all of this. the main thing is that we let go of all we cling to and think we know, and open our hearts to it, engage with and dance, and laugh and sing and cry and sit with it.

i’m less interested in what religion, spiritual tradition, or belief system someone belongs to – people go to wars over this! people divide, marginalize, target and harm over this! we are seeing it right now not just in other countries, but right here in the USA in politics and in extremist groups.

instead, show me how you choose to live, tell me how you love! 

may we all have a beginner’s mind and an open heart. may we see this life with fresh new eyes in every moment, interdependent, interconnected, and filled with impermanence and possibility. 



#God #UltimateReality #Dao #GroundOfBeing #Universe #TheForce #Buddhanature #Love #BeginnersMind #OpenHeart #TrueNature #Path #Practice #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga #JetsunmaTenzinPalmo #JetsunmaTenzinPalmoQuotes

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