where is our shame?

we really cannot continue to grieve Love and Life this way. when will we tire of the word “again”? 

this country and its systems are ill with delusion, aggression and violence. so ready to so easily, indifferently destroy and take life as if we ever truly, legitimately have the right to do so.

Tyre Nichols’ earthly life was a luminous embodiment of Life itself, an embodiment of Love, a sacred embodiment of the Divine. may he, no longer bound to this realm, transcend all realms, held in the Great Love which holds and heals all things. 

prayers for his family, friends, and for all feeling this so deeply.



Posted @withregram • @berniceaking 


They’ll see how beautiful I am 

And be ashamed— 

I, too, am America.”

~ Langston Hughes


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