the work of non-violence…


a practice of non-violence is a practice of bravery and resilience. it’s a vow and choice we make over and over again, moment to moment to see through the narrative and delusion of “othering” that divides and into the interdependent heart of ultimate reality which is Love.  




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4 thoughts on “the work of non-violence…

  1. So true, Jaysen. Holding oneself to that standard first is the challenge. Not merely ‘espousing’ the theory, but daily avoiding the subtle ways I ‘objectify’ another person or group is the essential work. Practicing the habit of noticing the subtle ways I slip toward it when: reading the news, relating with those around me, forming assumptions about others motives and meanings, is the early warning indicator I always hope to recognize.

    1. so well said, thank you. i know i get triggered especially by the political related news and it can be so easy to tie the harm to the person in a personal way, rather than seeing the deeper delusion we all suffer together. so…i come back again. returning again to breath, to open heart, and to vow. and remembering it’s a path of practice, a practice for a lifetime(s). thank you for sharing your wisdom 🙏🏻

      1. I look forward to it. Great source. That nuance of ‘not objectifying’ is informed for me by Buber’s ‘I – Thou’ awareness, though it’s been enriched by many others. Currently, the difference between ‘intimacy’ and ‘closeness’ found in The Art of Intimacy by Malone & Malone. Rich thoughtful treatment.
        Thanks for all you share!

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