challenging the culture of violence…


we live in a compelling time. violence is always, or should always be, disconcerting. yet here we are with political violence on the rise and threatening the state of our representative democracy. aggressive, provocative, violent rhetoric has become commonplace among some of our more extreme politicians, with little to no accountability from their leaders or their base.

there are real world consequences, though. in New Mexico a failed GOP candidate hired shooters to shoot up the homes of Democrats. election workers and volunteers have been receiving death threats for simply doing their job. and of course there was the Jan. 6th insurrection, along with other smaller, also armed, insurrections occurring at State Capitols, leading up to and following that day. current House of Representatives members who encouraged and motivated the January 6th insurrection, still hold office or were re-elected.

one particular example i find jaw dropping is Marjorie Taylor Greene. she actively tweeted out the location of Nancy Pelosi on Jan 6th, who then was Speaker of the House and third in succession to the Presidency, while insurrectionists were calling out Pelosi’s name and calling for her death. not only is Greene still in Congress, but now sits on the Homeland Security Committee of all committees. that this is acceptable speaks to how far we’ve drifted from sanity.

so what do we do? what do we do as individuals in the face of these challenges? we begin with ourselves, our own heart, our own mind. we train with them and practice with them in a way that isn’t aggressive and promotes equanimity. we embody peace in our practice as our practice. we train to allow our thoughts and emotions without the perceived need to act out of our thoughts or emotions through our words and/or actions. we “be” the non-violence and peace we seek in and wish for the world, and then we promote and support this way of living with those around us and our leaders.

may we open our hearts, may we embody non-violence, may sanity arise.


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