power sought after at all costs is weakness…

a reflection on this 2nd anniversary of the Jan 6th Insurrection & attempted coup, & the current incoming GOP majority House of Representatives.

for all the history making that was this week of 15 rounds of voting for the 55th Speaker of the House, may it be remembered that much of the power exerted this week has been from current sitting members of Congress who were actively & aggressively attempting to undermine & upend our democracy in the 2020 election, w/ rhetoric that incited the Jan 6th Insurrection & continue to this day to question the legitimacy of the 2020 election & undermine our election integrity & democratic institutions.

these are the people who Kevin McCarthy has handed over the power of the Speakership to in order to finally get the power of the Speakership he’s long been grasping for? congratulations?

Kevin McCarthy, who decried the events of Jan 6th Insurrection & Trump’s participation to only later shake hands & downplay the violence & shame of that day, doesn’t really come out of this a winner & neither do the citizens of this country as long as power at all costs, including through insurrection & coup, is sought after.

may open hearts & sanity arise, & may democracy continue to survive 🙏🏻



#violence #incompetence #Jan6thInsurrection #coup #HouseSpeaker #GOP #democracy #nonviolence #sanity

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