in darkness, return to practice…


such an insightful lyric.

it feels particularly applicable to this time with the cacophony of lies, hateful rhetoric, aggression and violent acts, all toxically elevated on social media. like a hungry ghost, unable to be satiated.

amid such noise how can we hear light’s call?

we can return to our practice. we can allow for stopping. we can allow for dropping the story and simply return to this present moment, return to our breath, the sensation of it, the ebb and flow of it within the body. we quiet down as we slow down and breathe. 

in such space it is much easier to be aware of all the life and light around us, which is always speaking. 



#Darkness #Light #Life #OpenHeart #SteadyMind #path #practice #meditation #contemplation #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga #IndigoGirlsQuotes

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