true morality…

true morality.

it’s really this simple –

having empathy, speaking and acting with compassion, with kindness.

it’s a recognition of and appreciation for our interdependence. but in day to day interactions we often forget as we get caught up in the arising and falling of events, thoughts, and feelings in this life.

to be kind, to bring benefit and healing, rather than harm and destruction through our words and actions, is a reflection of our awareness of our interdependence and an expression of our gratitude for being alive.

so when we see the rhetoric in politics, attacking migrants, attacking the trans community, attacking people of color, attacking other LGBTQ+ and marginalized groups, and attacking young activists trying to create beneficial change out of horrific tragedy – we see the aggression, we see the anger and fear of course, but underneath that, we can also see ignorance and delusion. a basic misunderstanding that there is no “other”, we are each other, we are life.

it’s this foundational ignorance, this lack of understanding, this delusion that feeds division, brings harm, brings suffering.

may hearts open, may sanity arise.


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