the ultimate power is love…

no doubt the reach of technology and technical platforms has enormous influence and power. we should be aware of this and act with responsibility. 

however, may our awareness also open to the ultimate power and influencer, which is love. love is here, present and moving. the ground beneath the ground, within and beyond beginningless time. we are a manifestation of this love, and embodiment of this love.

this embodiment of love, recognized and embraced, bears fruit – reverence, respect, compassion. this, over time, changes the world. heart to heart, family to family, community to community, society to society. the whole world has the potential to be transformed by the power, influence, and movement of love, through those who embrace and choose to speak, act, and live as love.

our vote can be an extension of our love, a fruit of our willingness to live love.

may these midterm elections be a representation of such love in action for the benefit of ourselves, others, and all life.



#vote #midtermelections #democracy #compassion #reverence #respect #love #life #interdependence #benefit #OpenHeart #sanity #path #practice #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga #PaulHawkenQuotes

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