join in compassion…

more and more in my own life and practice, and as i read the wisdom of others long in their journey, it seems clear that love and compassion (which i would call embodied love) are choices we make, vows we commit to.

feelings come and go. basing our compassion on how we feel can lead to bias in to whom we extend our compassion. there is some ego stuff going on there. but to commit to compassion, a vow so to speak, is something we do regardless of how we feel and it is a choice we make over and over – moment to moment, day to day. 

it can be a challenging commitment, but we can “look to the helpers” as Mr. Rogers once shared, those who are living out that choice – that vow, for inspiration as we commit to do the same.

let’s commit to compassion together and let’s infuse our #VOTE in just a little under two weeks with such intention and loving action, to benefit all beings.



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