November 8th #VOTE

are you registered? how about your family, your friends?

please #participate, #engage, and #vote as of #democracy depends on it – BECAUSE IT DOES.

Tuesday, November 8th, demonstrate your support for our representative democracy and VOTE!


Posted @withrepost • @ethannichtern
28 days until November 8: an election that will determine whether this version of American democracy can live, or dies over the next few years. Believe me, I don’t like hyperbole, and I wish this was merely paranoia. It’s very clearly not, though. So many races will be decided by just a few percentage points, and any small change in turnout will mean everything. Please vote as early as you can where you are, and volunteer a few hours to helping get others to vote. Thanks to everyone who is showing up! Voting is as much a practice as meditation. Bows to all.

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