no fear, only love…


being part of the solution.
being part of the healing.

we can do this by first taking care of our own mind and own heart. practicing mindfulness awareness, practicing lovingkindness, practicing being balanced and open hearted, embodying sanity and love.

this doesn’t mean we close ourselves off to the world. in fact, the practice is being with the world in its need. building up a capacity to keep our heart open. this begins with being able to be with ourselves. this is a path of brave warriorship, not fear. how many can sit with their darkness and offer it love and healing? how many of us are used to running away, pushing away, or simply ignoring. ignorance is not bliss. what we don’t transform within ourselves, we transmit to the world.

so, we can be aware of the troubles and suffering in the world, and out of the concern that arises, we can do the work needed to heal, even while those stuck in delusion and fear – who haven’t reconciled their own demons – through their words and actions bring destruction. moving from a place of fear, rather than love, brings destruction and suffering.

let us move from a place of love. this is our path, this is our practice.


#love #NoFear #bravery #courage #OpenHeart #SteadyMind #balance #sanity #healing #path #practice #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga #RamDassQuotes

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