this tender heart…


“It is this tender heart that has the power to transform the world.” 

~ Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

trust who you are beneath the hurt, beneath the fear and anger, behind the walls built up.

you are love. 

find a practice that settles the mind, and opens your heart wider and wider. 

it is the tender heart, that is the brave heart. it is the brave heart that has the courage to begin again, to show up time and time again, and be willing to embody love – to be love in this world during this life.

it isn’t about necessarily feeling it, it’s about moving from genuine tenderness and authenticity, which is a decision – a vow to do no harm or to at least harm less and less. we can trust this on our journey. we can trust love. we can trust the love living within us, loving through us.



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