no end…


Barry Lopez, shortly before he died, said we must not to be curtailed by a boundary, we must not be stopped by fear. The call many of us have heard has been to stand at the edge, so the boundless horizon becomes visible. 

Later Lopez was to say:

“The effort of the imagination is to turn the boundary into a horizon, because there is no end for you.” 

“The boundary says: Here and no further! 

The horizon says: Welcome!” 

So, Horizon, welcome…

Roshi Joan Halifax

no end. transitions and transformations. arising and falling, but no end.

because we see that things are impermanent, seemingly appearing and disappearing after some measure of time, we think their is an end. it appears so!

but if we look at nature, if we pay attention to nature, to life around us, as the mystics and scientists have, we see there is movement and transformation, not an end. this constant movement, constant change – sometimes subtle, sometime extravagant – arising and falling, this flowing IS.

it is within and beyond this moment, these challenges, these dreams, within and beyond ideas of life and death.

this is a hopeful message. impermanence, change, transition, transformation = possibility. and what is life if not possibility?

can we see ends as beginning?

can we engage such hope and participate fully for the benefit of all?



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(📷: Joan Halifax Twitter post)

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